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Teaching Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

Are you teaching Shakespeare and need some activities to help students analyze characters? Check out our new Symbolizing Characters activity package for Shakespeare's "The Tempest", complete with Teacher's Guide and activity sheets for 5 major characters:

  • Prospero

  • Miranda

  • Ferdinand

  • Ariel

  • Caliban.

  • Also includes Suggested Answer Keys for each character!

Making Shakespeare personal and relevant can sometimes be challenging, as the historical context creates a distance from the modern reader (let alone the Elizabethan language!). Getting students to make connections and applications to real life and modern world elements is a good way to help Shakespeare come alive for them.

This activity is colourful, fun, and engages critical thinking and imagination. Students explore aspects of characterization by selecting objects that that would represent each character symbolically, and explain the reasoning behind their choices.

Students have to choose one of each of the following for the characters being analyzed:

  • A Type of Food

  • A Type of Animal

  • A Musical Instrument

For each item, the students need to explain how and why this particular thing would symbolize the character from the play. They should make some connections to other characters, plot developments, and themes in their analyses.

Check out the full package on Teachers Pay Teachers at the link below:

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