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Meet Our Founder

Vince Cancilla earned his Specialized Honours B.A. in English Literature at York University, and his Masters of Education with specialization in Adolescent English Language Arts at Medaille College.

He started Aslan Academy to fill a critical gap he experienced in the educational world as a high school English Language Arts and Humanities teacher.

"Why is it that all new teachers have to try to reinvent the wheel from scratch? Every new teacher experiences the dread demand of course prep, the constant stress of needing to find or create new materials: activities, assessments, lessons. There's no handbook, no textbook, no guidebook that teaches you ho

w to teach your subjects, or gives you a handy one-stop shop for all your curricular needs.

Aslan Academy is going to fill this gap. With the highest possible design aesthetic that keeps both teacher and student in mind, rigorous and creative content, and extension materials that leverage the best in modern technology, we will equip teachers and students with what they need to engage deeply in teaching or learning, think critically, and be truly transformed through the educational process — which is, after all, the classical goal of the Liberal Arts."

Visit for more info, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for free in-depth lessons and guided close readings of major literary texts.

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