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What's Your Favourite Teacher Mug?

Did you ever have a teacher who had a mug that was essentially an extension of their arm, an omnipresent fixture in hand or on desk, and seemed to have a life of its own — something classic or kitschy, or perhaps campy, or from some far distant land or time?

Every teacher needs to have one of these favourite mugs — not only for the mug itself, but because of the life-and-energy-giving heavenly nectar it contains, much needed fuel for the hard task of teaching. For me, that means either a strong black tea with milk and honey, or an afternoon coffee with the same ingredients.

This is my favourite mug because it comes from my favourite city in the world: Istanbul (formerly Constantinople). I snagged this mug at the famous bustling Grand Bazaar, and it’s my go to for a hot afternoon coffee. It feels strong and solid, yet ancient and mysterious, just like the city of its origin.

What’s your favourite teacher mug? Comment below with a description of yours!

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