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Noble Ideas for Brave Minds.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Welcome to Aslan Academy!

Aslan Academy's vision is all about recovering the human in humanities. We provide creative, critical, and conceptually rich curricula for teachers, specializing in teaching products for high school English Literature and Language Arts and the Humanities.

We seek to equip teachers with quality content that will enable them to take their teaching to the next level. That means our teaching products are complete and in-depth, giving you everything you need to either teach a text from scratch, or supplement your existing materials with engaging activities, assignments, presentations, and more.

Our products are visually engaging, clearly formatted for teachers and students, and combine traditional and modern aesthetics — which is also our blended approach to pedagogy. That means you get traditionally grounded approaches to interpreting literature coupled with the best modern technology and visual aids to supplement your teaching.

But be warned: this adventure is definitely good, for both the mind and the soul, but it is not safe — expect that you and your students will be dramatically challenged in your critical thinking and character formation as you explore classic literary texts through this method. That's why we say our curriculum is for "brave minds" — because it will take bravery to join in this mission of reestablishing the true foundations of the Liberal Arts and Humanities, to venture on the quest to becoming truly human through the noble ideas taught through great art.

Aslan Academy — Noble ideas for brave minds.

Above is a sample title page from our upcoming full unit on Shakespeare's "The Tempest". Smaller activities and products from this forthcoming unit package are available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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