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Introduction to Poetry & Figurative Language

Do you want to master techniques for reading and writing poetry? Then this new lesson series from Aslan Academy will be the perfect fit.

Much of the power of great writing comes from using rhetorical and figurative devices that enhance the beauty of a written text. Often, the marriage of form and content reveals deeper levels of meaning, and the relationship between them highlights important thematic emphases. In this series, you can learn the basics of poetry and figurative language — literary devices, structural forms of poems and sentences, ways that form and content interconnect to create deeper meaning — and see how they function in specific contexts.

We examine such classic poems as Rudyard Kipling's "If—", Robert Frost's "Mending Wall", Emily Dickinson's "Because I could not stop for Death—", and many more, unpacking the meaning of each poem and analyzing how the poetic techniques are used to further that meaning.

Not only will this series help you better understand and appreciate poetry, it will give you a set of tricks and tools to improve the rhetorical force and beauty of all kinds of your own writing, whether it be essays, creative writing, business pitches, or whatever your craft demands.

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