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Exploring Harper Lee's Classic Novel "To Kill a Mockingbird"

What is the true cure for the mad disease of racism? Is the current trend in society to "woke politics" actually any form of real solution for the corruption of the human heart? Harper Lee's monumental novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" provides an alternate approach to this perennial human problem. When legal systems and politics fail, it is the innocent love and empathy of a child — Scout Finch — that often destroys the monstrous power of discrimination and prejudice.

Explore this complex and rich novel with Aslan Academy's in-depth "Guided Reading" video lesson series that takes you through all the nuances of this grand narrative, including:

  • The motifs and elements of the Southern Gothic genre and the Bilgungsroman (Building-novel) genre which tracks the psychological development of Scout and her brother Jem.

  • The use of the ingenious narrative voice of the mature yet innocent unreliable narrator, Scout Finch.

  • The development of an ideology of resistance to evil and thematic conclusions on how to actually deal with the problem of hypocrisy and prejudice in its various forms in society.

When the valiant hero (Atticus Finch) actually fails to bring about justice through the legal system, it is the outcast hero and the young child who show an alternate vision of justice when they apply Atticus' moral principle of empathetic compassion and self-sacrificial love.

Click the link below to go to our Aslan Academy YouTube channel playlist with over 30 video lessons on Mockingbird.

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